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Tommy was different from the very first conversation we had about Abby – he was positive!  It was nothing like the other trainers.  He had an amazing disposition just in his initial meeting with Abby, and I knew that time she was finally going to get what she needed.  Read More…

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Get help from a professional service dog trainer unless you are experienced. If you know how to teach a dog any behaviours without help from a tutorial, then, you should have no problems training a service dog on your own.

Occasionally there are some real extreme issues that certainly need dog behavior modification. Some dogs will not get along with other dogs and/or people. Some dogs are extremely skittish and lack confidence. Some dogs resource guard, (aggressive behavior around food) for instance. These types of situations should really be observed by a professional dog trainer so that a proper game plan can be worked out. American K9 specializes in dogs that have these extreme behavioral issues.

Start up close to your dog, placing her in a sit or down position. Hold a hand out toward and say “stay.” After a moment, reward her. Repeat this until your dog gets the idea that she’ll get a treat if she holds her sit or down position.

This can help keep your dog safe when his curiosity gets the better of him, like if he smells something intriguing but possibly dangerous on the ground! The goal is to teach your pup that he gets something even better for ignoring the other item.

Deb was great and we immediately saw some changes in Oreo within our lesson. It has been just over a week and Oreo is already responding to the techniques Deb has given us. She was very confident in Oreo changing some of her issues with some hard work by us as owners.

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*10% discount if you begin training within two weeks of getting your new dog/puppy. Absolute proof of where and when you got your dog is required. This special offer must be mentioned when training arrangements are made and is not retroactive. Discounts may not be combined with any other offer or special and are based on the normal pricing for the training program chosen. Discounts are offered on programs and series but not on consults or individual lessons. We’re sorry, but we regret that we cannot make this offer to dogs that are privately re-homed.

Dog obedience training is the best solution to this type of excessive barking. Once you have your dog properly obedience trained, you will be able to communicate to him that this is unacceptable behavior. To learn how to train your dog at home with the latest cutting edge techniques click here.

The first thing to remember about barking is that it’s natural and, for many dogs, it’s quite enjoyable. For your part, when barking or whining aggravates you, try really hard not to “bark” or whine back—which you’re doing if you yell at or plead with your dog while he’s vocalizing in this way. The message he gets from you “barking back” is that maybe he should be louder, or maybe he should repeat himself so that you stop. Instead, teach him to bark on command using the words “speak” or “bark,” and to be quiet on command using the words “shush” or “quiet.” It’s usually easier to teach “speak” first, while your dog is actually barking. Simply encourage him by saying “Good speak.” Feeding him will necessitate that he stop barking to chew and swallow. When he is finally quiet, say “Good shush,” and reward him again.

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Don’t reward the dog for whining. When a puppy whines, it may be adorable and heartbreaking, but when a grown dog whines, it can drive you nuts. If your puppy whines inconsolably, you may have left him inside the crate for too long. However, you cannot release him from the crate until the whining stops. Remember — every reward you give reinforces the dog’s last behavior, which was whining in this case.

Applying some proper obedience training at an early stage (the earlier the better!) is a most effective technique to correct any behavior problems, and also to prevent any future problems. The fact that you are reading this page possibly means it is too late for this tip!

If you have a dog who loves to dig—and again, digging is a natural canine instinct and can’t be shut down—don’t fight him, join him. Select a spot in your yard or on your walk where he won’t do too much damage if he digs. Encourage him to use that spot by burying something there that he needs to dig out. Praise him when he does. Set up a small sandbox in your yard where your dog can dig. If he’s digging in an unacceptable spot, it’s because you’re not supervising him or directing him to an acceptable spot. The same is true for “digging” indoors. If your dog is scratching at the floor, he’s probably anxious or bored. Put him someplace safe (confined), and give him toys and chews to play with. Or take him outside for a walk and direct him to his digging spot.

Fortunately, stealing is a fairly easy problem to solve because your dog can’t steal what he can’t get to. Unfortunately, that means the onus is really on you. You must be perpetually on the lookout for what could be considered fair game: accessible garbage cans, food left anywhere within reach, open closet doors, etc. Make the inappropriate objects of his desire inaccessible while at the same time providing plenty of appropriate chews and other toys. Play with your dog using those toys so that the pleasure for him is in only using them. When he does steal, don’t chase him, or you’re initiating a game. Call him to you or go after him methodically and unemotionally until you can hold him. Tell him “Leave it” as you open his mouth to remove the object. Be careful while doing this; if you sense your dog is getting overly aggressive, leave him. Confine him at the earliest opportunity and commit to working with an experienced dog trainer or behaviorist. The last thing you want is a dog to turn on you over a stolen object.

Want your dog to know “sit,” “stay,” and “down”? Our enthusiastic instructors will help you learn to build a strong bond with your companion by improving communication, understanding, and appropriate boundaries. View our available basic training classes »

Obedience This series covers safety, first aid, and consistent work on the basic commands: heel, sit, look, down, wait, end of leash movement, come. Obedience classes are taught in six-week building blocks: basic obedience leads to intermediate obedience level one, then level two, beginning advanced, and so on.

Many behavior problems (such as barking, biting and digging) stem from a lack of communication, or miscommunication between you the owner and your dog. Simply put, your dog is not aware of what is expected of him/her (I’ll just say him from now on to make it easier).

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And be sure not to punish your puppy for an accident or do anything to create a negative association with her bodily functions. Stay calm and assertive and quietly remove the puppy to the place where you want him to go.

12. Provide the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Bored dogs get into trouble. For young puppies, mental stimulation is just as tiring as physical exercise and is safer for their growing bodies.