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“Pam has done an excellent job in helping my husband and myself learn how to train our dogs. From her first visit our dogs loved her and trusted her. She had them performing basic obedience sit, stay, come faster then we could imagine. She is also great at teaching tricks which everyone gets a kick out of. Pam has a vast knowledge of canine behavior from many years as a trainer. She definitely spends extra time making sure we understand how to work with our dogs and their different personality types. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants their animals to be obedient and follow the rules of their owners households.”

Only add one person a week at the most into your dog’s life. When they meet your dog, have them offer a treat and speak in a happy, low, encouraging voice. You don’t want to use a high pitch which could excite him. Keep your dog on a leash at first but do not force him to go near the person. Let him take his time.

While dog trainers can earn as little as $7.76 an hour up to as much as $29.59 an hour, Animal Behavior College estimates the average wage at $20 an hour, as of 2010. However, some trainers earn upward of $150 an hour – especially those with a great deal of experience and in certain areas of the country.

Imagine, for example, that you are teaching your dog the “sit” command. He sits for just a moment, but by the time you praise and reward him, he’s started standing back up. In this case, you are rewarding the standing behavior, not the sitting behavior.

12. Provide the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Bored dogs get into trouble. For young puppies, mental stimulation is just as tiring as physical exercise and is safer for their growing bodies.

Brent did an amazing job working with my 6 month lab/rot mix, Little Bear. She has her basic obedience down, as well as walking on and off leash. Highly recommend Ace Dog Training services. Customer service and follow up communication couldn’t be better. Very pleased!

It is simpler just to go for the behavior you want the first time around, rather than teach two separate things. The main advantage of these absorbent pads is that they make clean-ups easier, so while your puppy is being crated, or is in his den, playpen or the laundry you can put a puppy pad down to absorb any mess.

Select just one spot in the yard for toileting. Trust me, you will thank me for this when the kids break their promise to faithfully always clean up the poo in the yard. Select an area away from the main play area in the yard that will be the toilet spot. This will stop those brown patches on the lawn and make it much easier for the poo patrol.

Reputable dog trainers will tell you it’s essential for you to be involved in your dog’s training plan, and to reinforce the training by practicing at home. So whether you and your dog start with a formal series of classes or you choose to work on your dog’s behavior before attending classes, it’s important to know the basics about how dogs learn.

Owning a dog can sometimes be a challenging. With the proper training, you can build your dog’s character and improve your relationship with him or her. Whether you are looking for basic obedience training, crate training, puppy management, correction-based training, treat training, clicker training, house training, canine separation anxiety or problem behaviors, in home dog training, or dog whispering you can find the right dog trainer here at Dog Trainer Near Me.

Figure out when your dog barks most. This will vary from dog to dog, so have to observe your specific pet. He might bark most reliably when you withhold a treat, when someone knocks on the door, when someone rings the doorbell, or when someone honks a horn.